Martin Bücker will coordinate and supervise the project together with Birgitta König-Ries and Andreas Henkel the project.

Title Year Authors Journal Links
Towards Reproducibility of Microscopy Experiments 2017 Samuel, S., Taubert, F., Walther, D., könig-Ries, B., and Bücker, H. M. D-Lib Magazine More
REPRODUCE-ME: Ontology-based Data Access for Reproducibility of Microscopy Experiments 2017 König-Ries, B., and Bücker, H. M. 14th European Semantic Web Symposium (ESWS)
Explorative Analysis of Heterogeneous, Unstructured, and Uncertain Data: A Computer Science Perspective on Biodiversity Research 2014 Beckstein, C., Böcker, S., Bogdan, M., Bruehlheide, H., Bücker, H. M., Denzler, J., Dittrich, P., Grosse, I., Hinneburg, H., König-Ries, B., Löffler, F., Marz, M., Müller-Hannemann, M., Winter, M., and Zimmermann, W. Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Data Management Technologies and Applications More
RIOS: Efficient I/O in reverse direction 2014 Willkomm, J., Bischof, C. H., and Bücker, H. M. Software: Practice and Experience More
A new metric enabling an exact hypergraph model for the communication volume in distributed-memory parallel applications 2013 Fortmeier, O., Bücker, H. M., Fagginger Auer, B. O., and Bisseling, R. H. Parallel Computing More
Parallel re-initialization of level set functions on distributed unstructured tetrahedral grids 2011 Fortmeier, O. and Bücker, H. M. J Comput Phys More
Solving a parameter estimation problem in a three-dimensional conical tube on a parallel and distributed software infrastructure 2011 Bücker, H. M., Fortmeier, O., and Petera, M. Journal of Computational Science More
EFCOSS: An interactive environment facilitating optimal experimental design 2010 Rasch, A. and Bücker, H. M. ACM Transactions on Mathematical Software More