Birgitta König-Ries will coordinate and supervise the project together with Andreas Henkel and Martin Bücker the project.

Title Year Authors Journal Links
REPRODUCE-ME: Ontology-based Data Access for Reproducibility of Microscopy Experiments 2017 König-Ries, B., and Bücker, H. M. 14th European Semantic Web Symposium (ESWS)
Towards Reproducibility of Microscopy Experiments 2017 Samuel, S., Taubert, F., Walther, D., könig-Ries, B., and Bücker, H. M. D-Lib Magazine More
A quality management workflow proposal for a biodiversity data regulation repository 2014 Owonibi, M. and König-Ries, B. Proc. of the 2nd International Workshop on Modeling and Management of Big Data (MOBiD’14) More
Explorative Analysis of Heterogeneous, Unstructured, and Uncertain Data: A Computer Science Perspective on Biodiversity Research 2014 Beckstein, C., Böcker, S., Bogdan, M., Bruehlheide, H., Bücker, H. M., Denzler, J., Dittrich, P., Grosse, I., Hinneburg, H., König-Ries, B., Löffler, F., Marz, M., Müller-Hannemann, M., Winter, M., and Zimmermann, W. Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Data Management Technologies and Applications More
A conceptual model for data management in the field of ecology 2014 Chamanara, J. and König-Ries, B. Ecological Informatics More
Diverse or uniform? Intercomparison of two major German project databases for interdisciplinary functional biodiversity research 2012 Lotz, T., Nieschulze, J., Bendix, J., Dobbermann, M., and König-Ries, B. Ecological Informatics More
Diane: A matchmaking-centered framework for automated service discovery, composition, binding, and invocation on the web 2007 Küster, U., König-Ries, B., Klein, M., and Obreiter, P. International Journal of Electronic Commerce More